Tuesday, 15 November 2011

50's Vintage Birthday Cards!

I've just been rummaging through some old boxes that have been stashed in my parents home and come across these very fab 50's Vintage cards, which my father has collected over the years! I just love the naive illustrations and how the ideas are based on old time hobbies! How sweet and inspiring! 

Over Shanghai....

Just spotted these photos and had to share it with you!! Totally stunning pictures, but not for those living
within the smog cloud! Yuk!

Monday, 14 November 2011

A Humble Abode...............

Not really design related, but heres some snappies of my new humble abode in Nanjing, China, my lovely boyfriend has been helping to kick start things, and I'll be returning next week to do all the nice fancy parts! hehe! 
It should be ready to live in just after Chinese New Year, we're hanging on till then due to Chinese superstition as its apparently very bad luck to move into a new home just before the new year! 
Think I'll be taking a few more Feng-shui tips from my BF's mum! Will keep you up-to speed with any new Chinese superstitions!!!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

They were found on a Tuesday.........

Heres some more quirky Asian Illustrations I've picked up this afternoon! I'm loving the airmail pop-out postcard below! 

The simplicity of this colour block card and envelope is lush! 

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Picking up the Pumpkin............

Last weekend saw a trip to local farmer spot Mr. Copley's found in Pontefract, Yorkshire, where we rode on a tractor.......... scrambled to find the pumpkin & scare my 2 year old neice with terrifying pumpkin faces........heehe (she loved it really). If you are local to this area and you havn't ventured there yet, then I highly recommend it, a few cute piggies and other smelly animals, do beware of the big bull though with the baby calf, I was rather worried that the fence would not contain this particular raging bull! 
Once you've had a good mooch around get yourself into the local produce shop and sit down for some hot chocolate and warm pumkin pie!!
 Yum x

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Pop-up Korean Illustrations

Here are some of the finest Korean illustrations I've been able to scout out today! I just love the style and the quirky spin on card design! I'm especially loving the little Alice pop up  thumbnail card boxes! 

Hope these get your creative juices flowing!!

Rifle Paper Co ...New Collection

I'm absolutely loving the new pet pooch collection from the Rifle Paper Co! and even non animal lovers I'm sure can appreciate these! They are yet another stylish range in their collection! Gorgeous!!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Belle & Boo

I'm sooo ready for xmas now after seeing Belle and Boos new Xmas products, they simply are adorable!!! 

Rui Ruis blog made it to China!!

I'm planning my move back to China next month and I've finally got my blog up and running, I will still be running this blog, but things in China are somewhat screened out from the rest of the world and so my fellow Chinese peeps find it very difficult to access this page! I'm really looking forward to communicating ideas and joining design networks over there! I will be keeping you posted with new exciting Chinese designers I come across! Make sure you check out the site for yourselves! xx

Monday, 17 October 2011

Xmas Tree Decorations

I've just been putting together some little fuzzy felt xmas treats for an up-coming craft event! So heres a peek at some of them...perfect for popping on your tree. :)