Friday, 22 June 2012

Rose themed Christening Invitations

My very own big sis  recently commissioned me to design some simple, yet elegant Christening Invitations for her beautiful bouncing baby daughter (literally bouncing...shes never stops), Abigail Rose! :)
Instantly we both agreed on the Rose themed idea, with soft pink shades and illustrative hand-drawn roses - so I set to work straight away! Here's the results..................

Just want to wish my lovely big sis lots of luck in writing them all out now!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Fabric Shopping in Sham Shui Po

So last week saw another trip to HongKong and this time I managed to visit the streets of Sham shui po, where there's a fantastic maze of stalls, displaying rows and rows of fabric swatches of available stock on mainland China for bulk production. 
Ever wondered where some high street stores get there fabric from............
So this time my focus was on inspiring lace and embroidery anglais to help incorporate into some of my designs.  So next time your in HK make sure you check this place out....not only is there fabric, but little stores selling rather cheap clothing lines and well anything and everything you could imagine!

Sham Shui Po itself!

Beautiful swatches

a wee bit of sparkle...........

Pretty prints and embroidered hem patterns...