Friday, 30 September 2011

Stepping into Xmas - Trends for 2011

The warm weather might be fooling you, but it is actually October tomorrow and yes for all you scrooges it probably is far too early, but in the world of design it's actually very late. So come back to me in a few months if it is too early for some! For others enjoy planning ahead!

So heres Rui Rui's take on trends for this year! x

Merry Xmas....Wink wink!! 

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Time for a spot of Male Design.....

Sealed with a new male prints come complete with printed envelopes and  stylish inserts! 

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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Rui Rui's Design Archives.......

Just happened to come across some of my old Uni work this afternoon, I forgot how much work I'd racked up over the 3 years, so here's a few snippets from some old sketchbooks. 
Some of the sketchbooks were made from handmade and scraps of paper to give it an authentic style & I forgot how much free-style machine embroidery I did and what a great effect that this can have an your work.  At the time I didn't really reflect on typography too much, but it's interesting to see how much of a focus this was in some of my artwork. So its def worth digging up some of your old work & research files....might give you some new ideas by adding your new and more experienced stamp on them. :)

Monday, 26 September 2011

Toad Kids - New exciting clothing line!

Introducing a new fabulous kids clothing line, which comes from the very talented designer Kate Slater, Kate has just launched her new website, which showcases fun & quirky tees for both boys and girls aging from 3 months to 3 years, they are all under a fair-trade label and eco- friendly!! 
Kate also has some gorgeous homewear pieces, which include cushions and aprons, with a watermelon apron yummy enough to eat! 
For more information visit her site directly on this link :

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Its all about the Bunny & the Mousy!

My beautiful niece is about to turn 2 next weekend, so I've been franticly coming up with some new card designs and  invitations. The little lady just happens to be obsessed with bunny rabbits.....ever since she was born, shes been clutching to her fav little floppy eared friend & his companion mousy, who she cannot be without.
 So there you have the reasoning for the sketch below! Just finished sketching bunny in an aeroplane - its very adorable and will show you next week the finished product!

Cute stamp designs in the background
Rui Rui Designs Logo
Inside the card

Card and special stitched envelope

Design is now on Etsy for purchase

Chinese Food!

Ever wondered what Chinese food is really like?? Well if you are planning to travel there soon, have a quick peek below to get some idea of what you may find and what to order!

First of all Chinese don't really eat curry! It was one of the most frequently asked questions when I first moved there..."do you eat chicken curry every night?" Well the answer to that is, certainly NO!!
 The favorites I've come across have been chickens head, pigs trotters, pigs intestines, turtle soup, ducks tongue and thats just to name a few. However there are some really delicious foods that you can get out there, but you just need to search out there. So heres a few tips and ideas when dining out there.

Noodles - Now can I just set everyone straight, we are saying Chow Mein as Chow Main......its wrong!! We should pronounce this as Mee- en; so why not suprise your local take-away or restaurant next time you order! Also noodles should always be eaten on your birthday, this is said to extend your life span!!!
So forget the cake, try noodles!!

Factory Dinners: now its always nice to treat the factory workers after a hard season of pushing lots of new samples out and believe me they will really appreciate you for the gesture! The men love to drink beer in their small cups and like to include you in this, they think its hilarious because its noted that most average Chinese women will traditionally not drink - its not very good for their image! So do cheers with them for nearly every mouthful with the term " Gam bei" and down the whole lot!

Whilst your in China you can also get lots of good Korean cuisine - so do try the soup noodles, they really are delicious! .....and dont be afraid to slurp and have noodle dribbling from your face, it what they do over there and wouldn't expect any less!! hehe!

Ah Chilli. If you love it, then great, if not you might be stuck, a lot of restaurants do tend to pop lots into the dishes, but it's great with the fish dish below if you do want to try it, the fish is braised in lots of oil with bean sprouts and mounds of chilli; just watch out for the bones, as you can usually find plenty in there.

Last one and one of my favs!! If you're lucky enough to be in one of the major cities, you will find a chain store named Din Tai Fung, which sells gorgeous steamed buns and delicate dumplings. Do try it, but beware taking Chinese friends  as they are confused by this whole set up! Steamed buns are not something which is traditionally eaten in the evening, so you will have Chinese friends looking puzzled and moaning that this is what they have already eaten for breakfast! To add injury to insult, its slightly expensive to the norm. So perhaps if you're in Shanghai try the Family Marts (local shop on every st) Nai Huang Bao (sweet) and Cai Bao (savoury Mushrooms & Veg) and will only set you back about 20p per bun! Try them with warm Soy milk also - great for breakfast!!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Sundays Print!.....

This is one of the new designs I've been working on today........I'll be able to share photos with you later once its been printed and hand-finished with a splash of glitz and buttoning! 

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Saturdays Sketch....

Here's something I've been working on today for my new male range.....x

September glow...........

I managed to capture a gorgeous sunset last night and heres the pics to prove it.....

Friday, 16 September 2011

New Prints....

 I'm pleased to be able to show off some new birthday designs...... Let me know your thoughts on them! x

Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Heres a few great sweet treats I've discovered today from the great bloggers, Raspberri Cupcakes & take a look at all the other great yummys they are cooking up......I sure am!!

Monday, 12 September 2011

Whats the Story Rui Rui??

So Rui Rui, you've probably been wondering; what does it mean? how do I even say this word? Am I right?

Well the story begins with my journey out to China over 4 years ago, I was working as a Childrenswear designer and helping to produce first samples from design packs for a few months in a factory in Nanjing...but after those first months past I felt a weird pain in my tummy as I realised thats where I wanted to stay......Well why? Well I loved everything about the country (I admit the love had to grow over time), but I became to admire and respect the Chinese people and loved the hilarious, quirky strange sightings I would encounter on a daily basis that were so alien for me and you.

Rui Rui   = so the secrets out, basically to those of you that don't know....Rui Rui 蕊蕊 is my Chinese name translated from Rachel and it's spoken as Ray Ray! Simple right!
So four years on, I'm still planning to stay, I have met so many lovely friends and also found a special someone whose worth staying there for.....Awwwwww!!

So heres a sneaky peek at some of my photos below, which I've managed to capture in my time & I also have some excellent Chinglish sayings, (Chinglish = hilariously bad english translations)!!! Do enjoy!!