Monday, 26 March 2012

Spring Flowers - New Card Design

So spring has finally arrived!! Can't you just hear those bees buzzing around! Well maybe I' m been a little hasty, but still its nice to get excited about all the new summer clothes we will soon be sporting!
Just been updating my Etsy shop and here's one of my recent updates, very simple and fresh for spring! Hope you like it!  xx

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Rui Rui Designs has a new Intern!

Yes thats right, after much deliberation I have decided to take on an intern to help with my busy schedule! The candidate seemed eager to learn and pretty happy with the salary I was offering and obviously the invaluable experience she would gain! She heres what she got up to today in her words.

Hi I'm Tomi and I have just started my first day at Rui Rui Designs,
 I'm pretty excited and eager to earn my first pot of salmon biscuits!
 So I was working very hard! Meow!!!

I was learning alot about different fabrics
and embroidery techniques....

But then wait! I can hear a buzzing noise!

Haha, No false alarm, just a lush smelling flower!

"No wait!!! I definitley heard it that time"

"Hey did you see anything?"

"I'm sure I !!!"

Tomi unfortunately didn't finish the end of the morning,
she had drifted off to take a cat nap!
Think I'm going to pass on the intern!
Ah!! Sigh!!!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Hello Clementine

Just come across some gorgeous little nicnacs today from the very talented designer Kirsty Neale the lady behind Hello Clementine! I just adore these little one offs and I'm definitely in need of a phone box mobile pouch! Lovely Stuff!!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Today as you know is a very special day in the UK....yes its Mother's Day, where we shower our dear mothers in gifts and love.
So heres a few fab little thoughtful ways to say thanks to our mums, who help us get past all those traumatic ordeals!

To my fab mum whose 5600 miles away..........."Happy Mothers Day Lamby, missing you lots and lots and wishing I could give you a big cuddle!!! "
Heres all the things I want to send to you ;) xxxxxxxxxxx