Thursday, 22 March 2012

Rui Rui Designs has a new Intern!

Yes thats right, after much deliberation I have decided to take on an intern to help with my busy schedule! The candidate seemed eager to learn and pretty happy with the salary I was offering and obviously the invaluable experience she would gain! She heres what she got up to today in her words.

Hi I'm Tomi and I have just started my first day at Rui Rui Designs,
 I'm pretty excited and eager to earn my first pot of salmon biscuits!
 So I was working very hard! Meow!!!

I was learning alot about different fabrics
and embroidery techniques....

But then wait! I can hear a buzzing noise!

Haha, No false alarm, just a lush smelling flower!

"No wait!!! I definitley heard it that time"

"Hey did you see anything?"

"I'm sure I !!!"

Tomi unfortunately didn't finish the end of the morning,
she had drifted off to take a cat nap!
Think I'm going to pass on the intern!
Ah!! Sigh!!!

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