Friday, 18 May 2012

A Sunny Day in Five Sugar City

It was a gorgeous summers day in Wu Tang Xin Tuan yesterday, just 15 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of down town Nanjing, where the population stands at 8.1 million, (I kid you not)! Even this little street will later be manic with cars and people riding along on their bicycles! Anyway I managed to capture the quiet time...lunch time! where everyone literally stops what thy're doing to gobble-up their freshly made snap! 

A Peaceful Friday wouldn't believe the
population is 8.1 million would you!

Josh (Liang Jing) eating his fried rice.....he obviously is pleased
oh and don't forget the free ducks blood soup...yum!!

Myself eating Liang Pi ...I know I don't look particularly pleased
but it really is delicious and for 4 yuan (40p)..........
how could you go wrong!

Liang Pi...the best summer cooler,  fat noodles with peanuts,
 beansprouts, and could you resist!!

Our neighbour's little herb arrangement!

Everyone's inside for lunch...but usually it's pretty busy
with the older locals playing cards.


Sunday, 13 May 2012

Rui Rui Business Card Proofs!

It's now time to make a decision.......proofs have just arrived! Any thoughts???

Notebook Snappies

So I did warn you about my little notebook fetish and today I decided it was time to take a few snaps from 
my little collection! So here goes...........

Love the composition and randomness!

Oh so Vintage!!!

Polariod shots!

Inserted Envelopes

Overprinting and layers are so inspiring!