Monday, 12 September 2011

Whats the Story Rui Rui??

So Rui Rui, you've probably been wondering; what does it mean? how do I even say this word? Am I right?

Well the story begins with my journey out to China over 4 years ago, I was working as a Childrenswear designer and helping to produce first samples from design packs for a few months in a factory in Nanjing...but after those first months past I felt a weird pain in my tummy as I realised thats where I wanted to stay......Well why? Well I loved everything about the country (I admit the love had to grow over time), but I became to admire and respect the Chinese people and loved the hilarious, quirky strange sightings I would encounter on a daily basis that were so alien for me and you.

Rui Rui   = so the secrets out, basically to those of you that don't know....Rui Rui 蕊蕊 is my Chinese name translated from Rachel and it's spoken as Ray Ray! Simple right!
So four years on, I'm still planning to stay, I have met so many lovely friends and also found a special someone whose worth staying there for.....Awwwwww!!

So heres a sneaky peek at some of my photos below, which I've managed to capture in my time & I also have some excellent Chinglish sayings, (Chinglish = hilariously bad english translations)!!! Do enjoy!!

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